A bout me.

Greetings. I'm JL. My pronouns are they or he. I am a UX designer and information architect, comic artist, librarian, goth, Hellboy expert, pop music snob, and bird nerd.

I have graduate degrees in both Information & Library Science and Art History. I wrote my graduate thesis on Mike Mignola's comic series Hellboy. I collect scholarly books on post-Civil War American and fin-de-siècle art, especially John Singer Sargent. I also read comics, gothic novels, various mythology and folklore, and the occult. My favorite novel is Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.

I wear all black, almost always. Once a year I go to the beach and wear color. The only thing that varies in color throughout the year is my hair.

I read reference books backwards. I like taking a record out of its sleeve and putting it on a turntable. I like labeling things. I feel better when there are machines on. I can probably tell you what kind of bird that is.*

My website has an odd name. It is inspired by a Sigue Sigue Sputnik song that I discovered as a Nine Inch Nails cover. I like collecting things, and I also like NIN. So here we are.


*It's an American Crow, design credit to Sue Jeiven