A rt.

I am a self-taught comic writer and artist. I draw with pencil, pen/brush, and ink, usually on Bristol. I was inspired to make sequential art after discovering Jhonen Vasquez's Johnny the Homicidal Maniac in 1996. My comic heroes are (in addition to Mr Vasquez) Ted Naifeh, Aaron Alexovich, and in particular Mike Mignola, whose Hellboy taught me so much.

Art is how I get to see the shadow world.

The Venetian's Candle

Venetian's Candle

A four-page adaptation of a Venetian ghost story.

Pencil, pen and ink on Bristol. 2016.


Vulture Swanmaiden

A printed companion to my 2018 Inktober exercise, in which I explore self-portraits as vultures, swans, and women once birds.

Created digitally. 2018-9.

The Owl in the Attic

The Owl in the Attic

A graphic novel about a lonely little girl who finds unexpected friends in the woods behind her new house.